The Third Edition of KOHLER Magazine Is Published

KOHLER Magazine is the company’s annual publication featuring conversations on design topics from around the world, including new technologies and innovations. Launched in 2017, KOHLER Magazine features design discussions and known and still-unknown design communities all over the world.

According to the President’s letter in the third edition, Kohler aims to engage all of the senses, which influenced the approach to this issue—to go beyond the sense of sight to stimulate some of the others.

In one article, the writer speaks to Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant, “the Willy Wonka of Toronto,” about his groundbreaking work at the intersection of food and science. Another boundary-pushing sensory creator, artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan, whose thought-provoking art focuses on the sense of hearing, is also profiled. The sense of touch is featured through a showcase of Kohler materials that were included in the Kohler Design Forum at Design Shanghai and the Salon del Mobile.

The issue also includes features on sustainability, Yellowstone National Park, African architecture, Nigerian fashion, and Korean urbanization, as well as city guides to Lagos, Istanbul, and Sao Paulo.

You can view the third edition of KOHLER Magazine here.

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