Safe and Reliable Transport for Aggressive Chemicals with ECTFE from GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems has expanded on its proven line of SYGEF fluoropolymer piping solutions with ECTFE for extreme chemical applications.

When materials such as PP, PE, CPVC, PVC, or PVDF have reached their limits with aggressive chemicals, ECTFE is the most effective option. The high chemical resistance of ECTFE allows it to safely transport bases and highly concentrated acids, even when pH values are lower than 2 or higher than 12. Meanwhile, ECTFE’s mechanical properties allow it to handle pressures up to 150 psi and temperatures up to 176°F when transporting aggressive chemicals.

GF Piping Systems ensures the reliability of ECTFE systems through its use of advanced infrared (IR) welding technology. Fusion welding machines join the components in a consistent, repeatable, and documented manner, so that ECTFE systems offer the highest quality of piping systems.

In addition to being a high-performance solution for aggressive chemicals, ECTFE is also a cost-effective system. Installation is up to 85 percent faster than for a comparable system of lined steel, and initial costs for an ECTFE system are typically 50 percent lower than they would be for IR-welded PFA. The high chemical resistance of ECTFE also means lower maintenance costs, fewer process interruptions, and a longer operational lifespan.

The ECTFE product line includes a range of pipes, fittings, and the necessary joining technology engineered to meet the needs of exceptionally demanding industrial applications. Offering the highest resistance to chemicals and temperature, ECTFE provides a safe and durable solution.

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Source: GF Piping Systems

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