RWC’s HoldRite Brand Celebrates its 40th Anniversary of Leading Plumbing Industry Innovation

HoldRite by RWC firestop sleeveHoldRite, an industry-leading brand of engineered plumbing and mechanical solutions within the Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) portfolio, is celebrating its 40th anniversary of plumbing innovation this year. From its inception four decades ago, the brand has spent each day in the field engaging customers and solving common jobsite challenges to create efficient, safe solutions for the construction industry, including pipe supports, in-slab stub-ups and supports, cast-in-place firestop sleeves, acoustic noise and vibration solutions, DWV testing systems, and no-hub fitting restraints.

“For us, innovation starts at the jobsite,” said Chris Carrier, Senior Director of Product Management for RWC. “Our HoldRite solutions come directly from conversations with contractors and specifiers in the field, so we can incorporate our customers’ input into our products and help them overcome challenges they are facing on the jobsite.”

This approach has led HoldRite to improve jobsite safety and product efficiencies throughout its 40-year history, becoming one of RWC’s leading brands. Since the brand’s start, hundreds of millions of HoldRite products have been installed in a wide variety of construction projects, including single- and multifamily residential and commercial buildings, healthcare, hospitality, and education.

“Through decades of successful installations, HoldRite has become integral in driving RWC’s business forward with its continued development of innovative plumbing solutions,” Carrier continued.

HoldRite’s first product was the catalyst for the brand’s commitment to solving jobsite challenges with efficient, safe products. In 1982, master plumber George Hubbard experienced a challenge in his daily work that needed to be solved. At his jobsites, he had to cut blocks of wood to make supports for piping, a time-consuming and labor-intensive method. That’s when Hubbard created the first-ever HoldRite 101-18 bracket, the first step in reimagining pipe supports to better serve plumbing pros. By solving a daily challenge that he and his plumbers personally experienced, Hubbard set the foundation for HoldRite and its guiding mission: Innovation starts at the jobsite and results in solutions by plumbers, for plumbers.

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Source: Reliance Worldwide Corporation

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