RWC Provides End-to-End Water Heater Solutions with Complete Suite of Complementary SharkBite and HoldRite Products Designed for Efficiency

For plumbing business owners, the importance of building a strong team that works together seamlessly and efficiently is paramount. The same holds true for RWC’s engineers when developing water heater solutions. All products must work in concert to perform and last.

That’s why RWC offers a complete water heater installation system designed to increase productivity and durability on the job. The products, ranging from fittings and valves to tank supports, work together so users can purchase the bulk of water heater installation materials from a single source. This ensures compatibility, efficiency, and quality assurance.

RWC’s water heater products, which work together as a complete solution, include the following.

SharkBite Flexible Water Heater Connectors – Created with SharkBite push-to-connect ends, the water heater connectors enable quick installation. Perfect for pipes in tight spaces that don’t line up when replacing a water heater, the connectors are available in corrugated and braided hoses.

SharkBite Thermal Expansion Relief Valve – The SharkBite Thermal Expansion Relief Valve eliminates the need for an expansion tank, shutoff valve, and fitting. Compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT, and HDPE pipe, the valve protects hot water supply systems where high-pressure conditions are likely to occur as a result of thermal expansion.

HoldRite Water Heater Quick Stand and Platform Accessories – HoldRite water heater accessories and equipment platforms are lab-tested and some of most recognized water heater bracing and support systems in the market. The platforms safely elevate water heaters above the floor, supporting up to 100 gallons while still meeting code requirements.

Want to see these water heater products and accessories in action? Check out this interactive video.

RWC intentionally creates solutions that integrate seamlessly while also meeting the needs and regulations of modern residential and commercial applications. Developed, assembled, and tested by RWC’s team of engineers, users can be assured each water heater product and accessory is built with superior design and functionality. RWC uses strict quality control processes and sophisticated technology in each assembly unit, so by the time products hit shelves, they are exceeding industry standards.

Water heaters are often installed in tight, confined spaces that can be difficult to access, including closets and basements. It’s important to have a complete range of solutions from one family of brands that provides the flexibility and continuity to complete almost any type of job, regardless of space. Products can be found at plumbing wholesalers across the U.S. and Canada. For up-to-date product availability, users are encouraged to contact their local supplier.

Source: Reliance Worldwide Corporation

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