RWC Launches New HoldRite Appliance and Fixture Outlet Boxes

HoldRite washing machine outlet boxReliance Worldwide Corp. (RWC) has launched HoldRite outlet boxes for washing machines and fixtures, like faucets and toilets, offering plumbers a streamlined installation process and a sleek final design. The outlet boxes eliminate the need for stubouts, brackets, and clamps used in traditional plumbing methods, offering a time-saving solution that looks high-end when completely installed. 

To install these types of water lines using traditional methods, plumbers would often need to install the supply line before hanging sheetrock or drywall, a process that required them to return to the site several times throughout the build process to complete the connection to the washing machine or fixture. With HoldRite’s outlet boxes, two-thirds of the installation is completed at rough-in, making the overall installation much quicker and simpler. 

Features of the HoldRite fixture box include: 

  • Available with easy-to-screw-on chrome and white paintable escutcheons for sleek, high-end aesthetics
  • Allows for supply stop to be installed and pressure tested at rough-in
  • Includes threaded protective cover so no additional tools or screws are necessary for installation or removal
  • Comes with different tailpiece designs, making them compatible with different pipe types, including PEX, copper, and CPVC
  • Fire-rated and non-fire-rated options available 
  • Uses common compression valves if replacements are needed from off-the-shelf products 
Features of the HoldRite washing machine box include:  
  • Sleek, high-end appearance and compact design with no need for two separate boxes
  • Supply valves in locked position but can easily be installed upright or inverted 
  • Made of ABS material for strong and durable installations
  • Contoured, white, paintable trim cover, along with chrome valves and water hammer arrestors (available with or without) 
  • Fire-rated and non-fire-rated options available
  • Utilizes PEX, copper, and CPVC tailpiece designs that allow you to cut your SKU count in half 

For more information, visit HoldRite’s website.

Source: Reliance Worldwide Corp.

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