RMF Engineering Celebrates 40 Years in Business

RMF Engineering 40th AnniversaryRMF Engineering has announced the celebration of its 40th year in business—a significant milestone reflective of the firm’s continued excellence in quality and service, collaborative spirit, dexterity, and commitment to meeting the ever-evolving challenges of our industry.

“More than just an anniversary, it is a humble reminder of where we began and those we serve,” said Ken Pitz, CEO and President of RMF. “At this pivotal point in our organization’s history, we recommit to our values, reaffirm our passion for our craft, and proudly continue the remarkable traditions that have brought us here.”

Founded in 1983, RMF Engineering has grown from a modest, Baltimore-based triad into an industry-leading team of nearly 300 passionate and imaginative engineers. Fully-integrated across 11 offices in nine states, RMF’s ability to bring together best-in-class talent within a shared culture of progress and innovation is at the core of its strength. This approach is reflected at all levels of the business, including in its Board of Directors, which leads the firm with members from across locations. This strategy has driven a reputation for RMF that is hallmarked by an agility and client-centered focus, underpinning the firm’s success.

“Our Core Values were established early on and have remained unchanged,” said Tim Griffin, PE, CEM, LEED AP, Executive Vice President. “As a firm that continues to be owned and operated by working Principals, these values will continue to guide in the future.”

Over the past 40 years, RMF has been responsible for working on projects across abroad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, higher education, sports and recreation, research and technology, and government. Recognized for its boundary-pushing solutions to complex building and infrastructure challenges, the firm has engineered environments where scientific breakthroughs and medical advancements have been achieved, lives saved, and memories made—a diversity of experience built on a universal commitment to enhancing building performance and reliability for years to come. Reflecting on four decades in the industry, it is that common denominator that defines RMF’s vision for the future.

“The next 40 years at RMF will be defined by the quality of our work, the quality of our culture, and our impact on the environment,” said Robert Smith, PE, CEM, Vice President and one of RMF’s first employees. “I look forward to seeing the team continue to take on new challenges and reach new heights through that lens.

“As the firm looks to what’s next, advancing its impact within a building or campus landscape that increasingly prioritizes sustainability, decarbonization, and energy efficiency will remain a key focus. Armed with the technical expertise and capabilities to meet new challenges and demands, RMF Engineering will continue to work toward minimizing the environmental footprint of its industry, as well as that of its varied portfolio, which touches all corners of the United States.”

Source: RMF Engineering

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