Rinnai’s Best-in-Class National Accounts Program Grows

Rinnai America Corporation, the leading brand of tankless water heaters, now offers a unique National Accounts program to its commercial business partners. The program is designed to be a turnkey hot water solution for its commercial customers and includes both repair and replacement services.

Rinnai’s one-stop hot water experience for hotels, restaurants, and other commercial customers provides 24/7, 365 hot water support to ensure businesses can function at their highest level. Regardless of whether the water heater is a Rinnai unit or not, plumbers will be deployed from Rinnai’s vast network to assess the situation and repair product. If a replacement is needed, the plumber will work with the customer to identify the best solution for their business. To ensure the customer has the right solution, the program delivers pricing quotes and 100 percent guaranteed system sizing. Additionally, to provide a worry-free solution for its customers, Rinnai handles all aspects of the businesses’ hot water from selecting the plumber to processing payments for the job.

“Hot water is a necessity and a vital part of our customers’ business,” said James Woodruff, Senior Director of Commercial Business for Rinnai America Corporation. “We offer our expertise in water heating as a service to our customers that is turnkey and simple. This allows them to worry less about their business operations while we ensure their hot water is there when they need it.”

Since its inception, the program has grown, now handling anything from small businesses to franchises with up to 1,000 locations. To cater fast services to the growing demand for tankless water heaters, as well as Rinnai’s growing clientele, the company has developed a vast list of contractors nationwide who are readily available to give quotes and complete jobs when required as part of the Rinnai family.

“Through our extensive contractor network, we can coordinate our premium response program and offer a service that is much-needed by our customers in the industry,” said Rinnai America Corporation’s President Frank Windsor. “We are committed to Creating a healthier way of living, and providing a worry-free, turnkey solution for our customers is a great step towards achieving that commitment.”

To learn more about Rinnai’s National Accounts program, visit rinnai.us.

Source: Rinnai America Corporation

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