Rheem Launches HotWave Hose Sprayer Providing Tankless Water Heating for Outdoor Use

Rheem HotWaveRheem®, a leading global manufacturer of water heating and HVACR products, announces the launch of HotWave®, the multipurpose hose sprayer. Providing tankless water heating technology for outdoor use, HotWave innovation makes cleaning dirt and grime fast and easy.

HotWave’s plug-and-play design attaches to a garden hose and allows users to heat and access water from a single source. With a maximum temperature up to 115°F, HotWave water temperatures may be adjusted instantly.

“Rheem is bringing its tankless water heating technology outside the home with HotWave,” said David Calkins, Product Manager at Eemax, a division of Rheem. “With adjustable water temperature and spray patterns, the applications for this product are endless.”

HotWave’s multipurpose design features four spray patterns, including Flat, Jet, Center, and Shower. Each pattern offers a unique water pressure and the ability to use cool, warm, or hot settings. The device also features a comfortable, ergonomic grip and an easy-to-use trigger lock to simplify cleaning.

Users can create a custom experience for their needs, such as bathing pets with the comfort of hot water or washing patios, vehicles, and more. HotWave’s ideal performance occurs when groundwater temperature is 72°F, but with cooler ground temperatures ranging from 42°F to 60°F it delivers, on average, a nearly 50-degree increase in temperature.

Because it’s made by Rheem, an industry leader in water heating and HVACR, consumers can feel confident about the product’s reliability and safety. Additionally, HotWave features an easy-to-use plug-in cord with a 120-volt, 15-amp electrical connection and a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for added user safety. HotWave was designed to the highest electrical standards, and its durable construction has been tested for tough, intensive use.

HotWave is available—just in time for the holiday shopping rush—online at Rheem.com, Amazon.com, and more retailers coming soon.

Source: Rheem

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