Ready for Tomorrow, Today, with GROHE’s Hidden Champions

GROHE installation systems have a long tradition within the portfolio—the brand looks back on 50 successful years of developing concealed cisterns, true hidden champions. With their comfortable installation, they simplify the daily work of professionals worldwide. GROHE’s reliable concealed cisterns discretely disappear behind the wall, enabling consumers to design their dream bathroom: They can choose from the GROHE ceramics, shower toilets, or the brand’s versatile flush plate collection, available in up to 12 different colors, which are all perfectly compatible with the cisterns. The latest addition to the hidden champions is a real game changer: Installed behind the wall, the slim cisterns are invisible assets. Thanks to their compact design, they are space-saving and perfect for small bathrooms. Besides, slim cisterns offer full flexibility as they are compatible with all of GROHE’s existing flush plates and ceramics.

Ready for the Future with the New Slim Cisterns

As more and more people move into bigger cities where space is scarce, living spaces become smaller and so do bathrooms. But with GROHE, smaller spaces do not have to mean fewer design options. The new slim variant of the GROHE Rapid SL metal frame system is aligned both with the reality of urban living and with chic, modern bathroom design. With this extra small installation solution, installers and planners can make a wall-mounted WC a reality for customers—even with thinner bathroom walls.

Furthermore, the slim system offers the option of installing rimless WC solutions, which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. With the help of a simple but innovative flow manager, which can be easily retrofitted, the bathroom can also be made rimless ready. The flow manager additionally ensures optimal water control behind the wall.

Another compelling argument for GROHE’s professional partners: Not only is the system installation-friendly, but installers furthermore benefit from the same guarantee of 10 years as their customers. Thus, they can have total confidence in reliable operation and service behind the wall. This is also the case with the GROHE Uniset and GROHE Solo slim cisterns, which, in contrast to Rapid SL Slim, are designed without a solid metal frame and can be directly built into brick walls

Reliable Partner

GROHE has been developing and optimizing concealed cisterns for installers and planners around the world since 1971. The launch of the installation system Rapid SLX in 2019 marked another milestone: In addition, the easy-to-install features and the generously dimensioned ergonomic access to the flushing system, Rapid SLX enables adjustments in no time, while all connections can be easily accessed. The integrated flow manager is a particularly useful feature that makes it easy to regulate the flush flow intensity. Even after the installation and completion of the bathroom, the strength of the flush can be readjusted within a few seconds without removing the drain valve, resulting in the new frame allowing a perfect interaction between flushing and a rimless toilet, without causing unwanted splashing and overflowing during the flushing process.

The GROHE Rapid SLX installation system features flexibility far beyond the original installation: Next to the flow manager, the new frame features empty pipes for water and electric lines, making it possible to install a shower toilet at a later time. The universal water connection and the already integrated socket can be accessed via an opening behind the ceramic, making any extensive structural interventions unnecessary.

Source: GROHE

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