QuantumFlo Considered an Essential Business

Under current state and county emergency executive orders, QuantumFlo qualifies as an essential business. As an essential business, they are permitted to operate as normal and therefore remain at full production. They are continuing to fulfill all orders and are capable of accepting new orders. The calQflo® platform is fully operational and will continue to be online and accessible 24/7.

QuantumFlo’s factory and administrative offices are housed in a state-of-the-art facility. Cleanliness and organization has always been a top priority. They continue to ensure facilities are clean; proper sanitizing soaps, wipes, liquids, and gels are readily available to staff. By design, the production floor and administrative offices already follow “social distancing” recommendations. The building is closed to walk-in visitors without an appointment. If you need to visit our facility in person, please call ahead and make advanced arrangements.

As mentioned, QuantumFlo is permitted to remain fully operational, and all orders are being produced and delivered on time. They have capacity available to accept new orders and can deliver those orders on schedule. At this time, they have not had any difficulty receiving deliveries of components, parts, and supplies to produce systems, and do not anticipate any issues cropping up in this area. They follow an inventory management principle for best practices in stock quantities, and have supplies readily available, should components, parts and supplies become challenging to secure.

QuantumFlo will accept HFA (Hold For Approval) orders, and are encouraging these as a way to prevent a log jam upon the reopening of the country. They anticipate a surge of orders once the economy starts moving again and are asking QuantumFlo Representatives to help mitigate this to continue to deliver on time. If you anticipate a future order, please speak with your Rep and get your order in line.

calQflo®, QuantumFlo’s revolutionary online sizing and selection software, is a perfect solution for these times, allowing engineers and designers to size projects from any “socially distanced” location with an Internet connection. The site will remain available and operational, 24/7. If you would like to learn more about calQflo®, please contact your local QuantumFlo Representative.

Source: QuantumFlo

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