NIBS Launches Building Innovation: The Podcast

The National Institute of Building Sciences has launched Building Innovation: The Podcast, convening experts to discuss built environment issues and solutions.

The inaugural episode features NIBS President and CEO AC Powell, JD, CPS, who candidly discusses the state of the building industry and several new NIBS initiatives and offers a look into the next five years for the organization and built environment.

“When I wake up, I think about why people use structures and what may affect these buildings in the future, whether it will collapse, a new pathogen traveling through the air handling system, or climate change,” Powell said. “NIBS is the connective tissue to solve challenges and develop solutions for the places we live, work, study, and play. To the American people and our constituents—as much as we can—we will answer this call.”

Building Innovation: The Podcast features Johnny Fortune, Executive Director of the U.S. National BIM Program, as the host.

The podcast can be accessed through many platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Index, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocket Castes, Deezer, Listen Notes, and Player FM.

Source: National Institute of Building Sciences

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