NIBCO Introduces PVC Termination Vent Screens for High-Efficiency Appliance Lines

NIBCO Inc. introduces its PVC Termination Vent Screens (#4818-SCRN) for high-efficiency appliance lines in residential construction. The new vent screens prevent wildlife, leaves, and debris from blocking PVC exhaust vent pipes.

Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch diameter sizes, the vent screens are easy to install by push or interference fit with PVC or ABS sockets. No solvent cement or glue is required for installation.

“These new termination vent screens are ideal for preventing unwanted matter from entering pipes,” said Marilyn Morgan, Senior Product Manager-Metal Fittings, of NIBCO. “A simple investment in vent screens can prevent unnecessary problems and damage due to pipe obstruction or infestations from pests.”

The vent features a stainless-steel screen with1/4-inch mesh opening that is corrosion resistant and allows for maximum air flow. The interference fit makes it easy to install and easy to remove during freezing temperatures when condensation could freeze the opening shut.

Source: NIBCO Inc.

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