NIBCO Announces New Webstone® Pro-Pal® T-Valve™

NIBCO Inc. announces new press x ¼-inch compression connections for its existing Webstone T-Valve products.

These lead-free, dezincification-resistant brass valves feature a ball valve with an integrated tee fitting. Ideal for branch or device connections in tight locations, this new size is perfect for installing humidifiers and ice makers.

With press connection options of ½ or ¾ inch, installation results are always quick, clean, and consistent.

“This line expansion is a direct response to our customers’ feedback,” said Lisa Lyon, General Manager of Webstone, a brand of NIBCO. “After introducing the original set of compression T-Valves, the case for additional models in the press connection was made by installers who prefer the convenience of this connection method in the field.”

Source: NIBCO Inc.

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