Niagara Renews as an ASPE Affiliate Sponsor for 2021

We are pleased to announce that Niagara, a leading manufacturer of ultra-high efficiency plumbing fixtures, has reaffirmed its support of the plumbing engineering community by renewing its ASPE Affiliate Sponsorship for the next year.

Niagara has been designing plumbing products that work better and waste nothing for more than 40 years. Utilizing their unique, patented Stealth® Technology, Niagara has created a toilet that flushes at just 0.8 gallons per flush (gpf) and provides powerful performance. The Niagara name has become synonymous with innovative conservation for a growing customer base of multifamily housing professionals, contractors, architects, and developers, as well as utility and hospitality officials. In 2019, Niagara received a WaterSense Excellence Award for its most-efficient and latest product, the Nano™, a dual-flush, compact elongated toilet.

ASPE Affiliate Sponsors comprise a crucial group of manufacturers and service providers who are essential in helping plumbing engineers design the most technologically advanced plumbing systems. To learn more about the Affiliate Sponsor program and our sponsors, visit To join the program, contact Brian Henry at [email protected] or 847-296-0002 x235.

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