New System Improves Potable Water Safety in Premise Plumbing

GF Piping Systems has introduced the Hycleen™ Automation System, a revolutionary automated balancing and flushing solution for improving potable water safety in premise plumbing.

In large hot water distribution systems, stagnation, rough surfaces, and temperatures below 122°F can promote the formation of biofilms and the proliferation of Legionella bacteria. The Hycleen system provides hydraulic temperature balancing and water flushing with a preventive maintenance feature to avoid these problems. The new system is particularly suited for buildings with larger hot water distribution systems such as found in hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, and skilled nursing homes.

The complete Hycleen™ Automation System package from GF Piping Systems (top photo) and installed in actual application (lower photo).

“Being a part of a solution that can help make such a positive difference in public health safety is very exciting,” says Ralph Abdelhak, Product Manager, Building Technology. “The Hycleen concept secures optimum potable water hygiene through four steps: prevention, monitoring, intervention, and risk assessment. And it’s all done using simple plug-and-play, single power/data cable setup.”

The system consists of the Hycleen Balancing Valves, Hycleen Flushing Valves, and the Automation Master. The Master controls up to 50 valves on two cable harnesses (up to 1,640 feet each). Water temperature readings are permanently taken by the valves, and those readings are relayed to the Master, whereby the valves are activated depending on preprogrammed parameters. The Master controls system balancing, flushing, and disinfection and maintains the desired system temperature.

Other important features include continuous monitoring and logging of all conditions, allowing trends to be easily interpreted and reacted upon, instantaneous real-time data available through an external tablet or Smartphone, and support of ASHRAE 188 compliance.

“Potable water hygiene poses a huge challenge in large properties with fluctuating water consumption,” sums up Abdelhak. “The Hycleen system offers the ideal solution for these high-risk water systems.”

For more information on the new system, click here, or contact GF Piping Systems at (800) 854-4090, [email protected], or

Source: GF Piping Systems

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