March 2024 From the President’s Keyboard: Making a Difference

Welcome to March. The consensus among all groundhogs is that we’ll have an early spring. Let’s hope so. We’ve got Saint Patrick’s Day coming up and Easter right behind that, and, of course, there’s March Madness. That is true for both NCAA basketball and the political scene.

I want to go on record and say that I steer clear of political discussions as much as possible—that is, except when it provides a segue for me.

Cue the segue: As I am writing this, Super Tuesday is in the headlines. That’s the day when the most primary elections are held. Reports from most sources indicate that voter turnout was light, which may be somewhat understandable. On the national scale, millions of voters probably think, “Well, my vote isn’t going to make any difference.”

I’d like to think that’s not the case, but maybe I am naïve. Regardless, I still make sure to get out and vote. They always hand me a printout that shows my vote was counted, so I guess I made a difference. I definitely made a difference in state-level elections, right? I’m sure I made a difference at the local level.

Let’s take it down another level.

If you are an ASPE Chapter Delegate to the Convention, your vote at the Business Meeting certainly makes a difference. Typically between 200 and 300 Chapter Delegates represent ASPE’s 7,300+ members. You cast your votes for Bylaws amendments and for Society Board officers. You certainly make a difference there.

Do you really want to make a difference? You can volunteer to serve on your Chapter’s Board of Directors. Every Chapter can use new ideas. You may be just the person they have been looking for. Come to think of it, the Society can also use help on our committees. Almost 20 committees are listed on ASPE’s website. Go to the Membership & Global Community page and click on the Committees link. I’ll bet you find a committee that’s right up your alley.

If that’s not enough difference-making for you, there is more. Take the next step and run for a position on the Society’s Board of Directors. Have your voice heard and share your ideas directly with your peers who make decisions representing all of ASPE’s membership. Yes, there is a commitment. The Society Board meets in person four times each year and online each of the eight remaining months. The elected term is for two years. The application for the Society Board of Directors is on the website, in the Members Only section. You can make a big difference. You can be the difference.

While I’m on the subject of voting and Business Meetings, keep your calendar open for the 2024 ASPE Convention & Expo. The dates are October 18 through October 23, in Columbus, Ohio. You’ll definitely want to attend if you’re a voting Delegate or a candidate for Board office. If not, you’ll still want to attend for the CEUs provided by the 30 top-notch technical sessions. Also, more than 250 companies will be exhibiting their products on the Expo floor. You’ll get to talk with the design experts about their products and get hands-on experience you won’t get online. The Convention also affords attendees the opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones. Registration is expected to launch in April. Check ASPE Pipeline, our social media, and your email for updates.

My laptop battery is telling me it wants to be charged—what better time for me to sign off for this month? Thanks for reading this edition. Get out there and make a difference. Be the difference.

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