March 2021 From the President’s Pen: Moving Full Steam Ahead

First, my apologies for missing some updates. Family and personal health concerns required me to take some time away. I thank our Executive Director/CEO, Billy Smith, FASPE, for being so kind to fill in the gap.

Now I am back and very excited to be roaring into Spring. The January Board of Directors meeting went great, and we are setting up for a productive April Board meeting. The Board’s functionality has been exceptional, and it is rewarding to see the new and the old work together and bring new ideas to the table.

Collectively we make a team working together for the betterment of ASPE. We as a Board are dedicated to keeping ASPE strong and providing more for our members. At our monthly calls I remind them that we can achieve so much. ASPE is a bonded Society, and we can get through this tough times together. I know from personal experience that this is a trying time for our members, our families, and our companies. Remember that ASPE is here for you, your family, and your employer.

The Board and our members have not met face to face for some time, but we have to continue moving forward because we have the privilege to steward our Society for the betterment of all. Not meeting face to face has only made us miss you. It has not made us less committed to making ASPE stronger for our members. Your Board is aware that we have the unique opportunity to meet and conquer these challenging times.

As an association we collectively can achieve and make strides in improving our future. We have to strengthen ASPE at all levels. ASPE Staff has been front and center in supporting our Chapters and our members. I appreciate all of you, and I appreciate the hard work this Board is putting forward.

I have stated in the past that the key factors to growth are our Chapters, communication, and knowledge. Those beliefs still hold true. “Knowledge is power” will always stand as a truth no matter what crisis might be occurring. We have better tools than we have ever had with ASPE Connect, and as we all know, the Internet is everyone’s main media these days. We must keep working on messaging and materials for our members. ASPE is strongest when we have the best information for our members and when we can engage with our members.

All of the members of the Board know that we have had much to do. We have been keeping our eye on the ball to make sure ASPE stays strong. Know that we are keeping spending to a minimum while making sure we provide for our members. ASPE Strong!

Committee Leadership Updates

We still seek growth despite the pandemic. ASPE has not seen significant declines in membership, and that should not be taken for granted. We need to utilize this opportunity to provide more to our members. The Membership Committee is led by Vice President, Membership Jason McDonald, CPD, with Chair Nicole Parker, CPD. They are working together, and I suspect it will be one of the most active committees in ASPE. They know this is the time we hold strong. ASPE is looking for more for our members: more opportunity to participate and more tools for you to do your jobs. ASPE will support our Chapters because if we act together, we can create a base for a stronger future. Let’s utilize our knowledge base. Let’s increase materials for our members.

The Education Committee Chair is Chris Phillips, CPD, GPD. The Education Committee was restructured last term and was a great success. My thanks go to Chris and former Vice President, Education Blair Minyard, PE, CPD, CDT. The committee is now under the helm of VPE Jim Zebrowski, PE, CPD, FASPE.

The Credentialing Committee is a another key committee, and Blair and Theresa Card, PE, CPD, LEED AP, GPD, have accepted the leadership role. My thanks go to former Committee Chair Don Strickland, CPD, GPD, FASPE, for his stewardship over the years. Credentialing is a crucial area to keep improving to indicate to the industry that our members are skilled in the design of plumbing systems.

The Legislative Committee, is led by experience: Vice President, Legislative Brianne Hall, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, GGP, and Co-Chairs Cyril Unger, CPD, GPD, FASPE, and Francisco DeHoyos, CPD, FASPE. I have complete faith that this committee will make a mark this term. We have some opportunity to expand during a busy code cycle. Reach out for support. We all know the codes could use some help.

The AYP (ASPE Young Professionals) special-interest group will be led by the Nicholas Hipp, CPD, with outogoing Chair Christoph Lohr, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, heading into the lead of the Long-Range Planning Committee.

In Closing

Each meeting with your Board I have requested each of them to be passionate. I let them know I will support what they are interested in achieving. Be a leader in your life because it is your life and your commitment to our membership. I am excited and thrilled to be working with each and every one of you (Board and members). I also state this to you: be passionate about this Society; it has been built with the honor, time, and effort of many people who loved and cared for their fellow members and this industry. If COVID has taught me anything, it is to live with passion because you may not get a tomorrow.

I believe that our members are the greatest people. I got to think of the “what if’s” during my struggle with COVID, and I can tell you that I have not once regretted a minute of my time or dedication to ASPE. I have spoken with so many honorable, dedicated people who have spent so much of their life with ASPE. This is an honor for me. I feel that many of you feel the exact same way. I can’t wait to see you.

I thank all of you for this opportunity to grow and strengthen this Society. You are a group of amazing people.

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