Liberty Pumps’ Marketing Communications Manager Is Featured on PHCPPros

The PHCPPros’ June 2020 Woman in PHCP has a personality that can brighten any day and a work ethic that is just as memorable. Meet Laurie Pfaff!

Pfaff is the Marketing Communications Manager for Liberty Pumps, Inc. In the interview that follows, you will learn more about her and her career in the plumbing, heating, cooling, and piping (PHCP) industry.

PHCPPros: Why did you decide to enter a career in PHCP?

LP: Funny thing is that PHCP wasn’t a goal of mine at the start of my career. After brief employment at Liberty Pumps in 1984, I left to work for a real estate management and development company for several years and then obtained a position at the corporate headquarters of a very well-known film company. They were difficult decisions, but at the time, it was the path that I thought was best for me. I was able to obtain vast amounts of knowledge and experience that would help me in my future career. Over 20 years later, I was looking for a change when I noticed a job opening in the marketing department of Liberty Pumps, and the rest is history! I am now in my thirteenth year in PHCP and feel very lucky to be a part of this amazing team and very essential industry.

PHCPPros: Do you have women in the industry who have mentored you?

LP: Unfortunately, I have never had a formal mentor in my career. However, I have been lucky enough to connect with many women throughout the years. Through traveling to trade shows, industry meetings, and right back here at Liberty Pumps, I’ve been able to accumulate many relationships with women whom I may never have met otherwise. In a very male-dominated industry, I have noticed that women in PHCP work very diligently to kill their goals, work toward continuous improvement, and, most importantly, help each other. Camaraderie at its finest!

PHCPPros: Do you mentor other women in the industry?

LP: Yes. While I do not have any formal mentorships, per se, I make myself available to anyone who has questions or concerns about the industry, our company, their career, etc. With as many years’ experience as I have in my career—meaning, I’m old (lol)—I feel I have much to offer anyone looking for career guidance, friendship, moral support, etc. My current team is about 80 percent female, and these non-formal mentor discussions happen frequently. I’m happy to say, it definitely goes both ways. We enjoy learning from each other. It is important to have an open mind and always remain willing to learn something new.

PHCPPros: Is there anything I didn’t ask related to women in PHCP that you want to add?

LP: Just like in any industry, I feel women provide a vital role, and I am pleased to see the number of women in PHCP continue to increase. I have been a participant of the ASA Women in Industry event for the last couple of years and have established some wonderful relationships and learned so much from others. We are very busy, but it is so important to continue to connect with others whenever and wherever we can. Although I have frequently been called out as a workaholic, I feel very strongly that everyone should work hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance. In today’s world, this is a struggle for all, not just women. One last thing that I’d like to mention is to always have fun!

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