Liberty Pumps’ LCU-N Series Neutralizing Condensate Pumps Help Save the Environment

When not neutralized, acidic condensate has the potential to harm the environment and any plumbing it comes in contact with due to its acidic nature. Liberty Pumps’ LCU-N neutralizing condensate pumps prevent expensive repairs due to corroding drains and sewer systems by neutralizing and removing acidic condensate produced by high-efficiency combustion equipment.

Available in two models—LCU-N20ST (115V) and LCU-N220ST (230V)—the pumps are rated for acidic condensate from up to 500,000 BTUs of appliance input from condensing boilers/furnaces as well as non-acidic condensate from A/C equipment, ice machines, dehumidifiers, and other applications requiring condensate removal. Separate inlets are provided for non-acidic inputs that will help extend the life of the neutralizing media when not required.

The LCU-N series offers the following benefits:

  • The pumps prevent expensive repairs due to corroding drains and sewer systems.
  • Neutralized condensate is environmentally safer compared to acidic condensate.
  • Neutralizer media is contained within a cartridge to make replacing used media hassle-free.
  • Smaller magnesium oxide pellets offer faster neutralization of high PH water over larger size media.


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