Learn the Value of Codes During the May 2024 Webinar on ASPE Education

On May 22, 2024, at noon CDT, plumbing code expert Julius Ballanco, PE, CPD, FASPE, will present “The Value of Codes,” a new one-hour webinar from ASPE Education that offers 0.1 CEU.

One of the overriding documents impacting engineers is “the code.” Whether it be the plumbing code or a combination of the plumbing, building, mechanical, and/or fuel gas code, “the code” controls the design of any project, and understanding it changes the code from a hindrance to a help—making designs and projects run smoother and more economically.

This webinar will help you understand the value of codes and how to use them effectively and efficiently, focusing on:

  • A quick history of codes as they apply to the construction profession
  • Modern development of plumbing and building code requirements
  • Why we use codes
  • Allowances, prohibitions, and restrictions
  • Guiding principles of code application
  • Acceptance of modern concepts (i.e., alternative approval, alternative engineered design, accepted engineering practice)
  • How to use a code to your benefit


This webinar is free for ASPE members and $35 for nonmembers. Not an ASPE member? Join today to attend this webinar for free and take advantage of all of ASPE’s other member benefits.

You can register for “The Value of Codes” on ASPE Education.

About the Presenter

Julius Ballanco, PE, CPD, FASPE, is President of JB Engineering and Code Consulting, P.C. He is a Past President of ASPE and Past President of the ASPE Research Foundation. He previously authored two monthly columns on plumbing and mechanical issues as well as many books including The Illustrated Plumbing Code Design HandbookBallanco on Plumbing, BOCA National Plumbing Code Commentary, and Plumbing of Residential Fire Sprinklers. He also co-authored the Illustrated National Plumbing Code Design Manual. A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, he is both a licensed Professional Engineer and licensed Master Plumber.

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