Learn 10 Things to Know About DHW Return Design at the Next Coffee with Caleffi

Domestic hot water (DHW) design is critical to optimize energy efficiency, while reducing water waste. On Thursday, September 21, at noon CDT, guest host Christoph Lohr, PE, will detail the policies, standards, and credentials that can help designers and installers navigate the waters.

He will discuss these 10 critical issues related to DHW design:

  1. Definition: Recirculating vs. Circulating
  2. Automatic Balancing Valves vs. Manual Balancing Valves
  3. ASSE/IAPMO IGC Standard 368 for thermostatic balancing valves and IAPMO/ASSE/ANSI 1115-202x for Automatic Balancing Valves
  4. Digital Master Mixing Valve Standard IGC 384 (IAPMO/ASSE/ANSI 1118-202x)
  5. Right Sizing Hot Water Supply Systems (Water Demand Calculator)
  6. Right Sizing Hot Water Return Systems (Hardy Cross Methodology)
  7. ASSE 12000 Series Credential
  8. Testing and Balancing/Commissioning of hot water systems
  9. ASPE 99 Thermal Disinfection Standard Development
  10. Hot Water Return Pump: UPC Code Update

Christoph is IAPMO’s Vice President of Technical Services and Research. As part of his duties he provides industry leadership through participation in strategic industry initiatives and provides technical support to all IAPMO’s business units as needed. Christoph has more than a decade of experience in designing plumbing systems and has a reputation as a results-oriented expert, particularly in the realm of balancing waterborne pathogen prevention and water sustainability. He is a distinguished graduate from the Virginia Military Institute, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

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