Key Certifications Greenlight WCC’s MEGAbite Air-Injected Iron Filters for Sale in Wisconsin

Water Control Corp. (WCC) is thrilled to bring you some exciting updates. Their popular MEGAbite air-injected iron filters have been awarded crucial certifications by IAPMO to several NSF standards, making them officially approved for sale in the State of Wisconsin.

The following NSF Standards have been met by the MEGAbite systems:

  • NSF 42: Effectively eliminating iron and hydrogen sulfide, this feature puts an end to bothersome rust stains and that unappealing “rotten egg” smell.
  • NSF 61: Upholds the health effect requirements for drinking water system components.
  • NSF 372: Guarantees lead-free systems, ensuring the safety of your drinking water.

Why Is This Significant?

WCC’s MEGAbite systems, recognized for their durable iron removal capabilities that don’t require harsh chemicals or loud air compressors, have also proven efficient in reducing manganese levels in water. While they are not officially certified for manganese, they offer substantial advantages in its management.

The family of WCC water treatment products available for purchase in Wisconsin continues to expand. Their current offerings include:

  • BrassMaster and BrassMaster Plus water softeners
  • MEGAbite, air-injected filters proficient in managing iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese
  • PS-5, a compact under-the-counter reverse osmosis system
  • The Pioneer filtration system, effective against lead, PFAS, harsh chemicals, sediment, and cysts
  • WHRO-700, a comprehensive whole-house reverse osmosis system

WCC has released two new videos that explain how MEGAbite systems remove iron and hydrogen sulfide.

Keep an eye out for more product approvals in the pipeline.

WCC is dedicated to providing superior products paired with complimentary water testing services, unparalleled product knowledge, and a wealth of tools designed to support plumbing and well-drilling professionals in the water treatment sector. Don’t forget to reach out to your local wholesaler for pricing and availability details.

For more information on the MEGAbite, please visit

Source: Water Control Corp.

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