KBIS 2024 Marks 60th Anniversary with Record-Breaking Exhibitors and Attendance

KBIS 2024The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and produced by Emerald Expositions, reached record-breaking exhibitors and attendance for its 60th Anniversary at KBIS 2024.

“I am amazed at how much this show continues to grow; not just in sheer numbers but also in depth of influence and impact,” said Bill Darcy, Global President & CEO of NKBA | KBIS. “The level of innovation that brands bring to the show floor, from smart technology integration to sustainable manufacturing and beautiful design, is unparalleled. The move by brands to create products that are sustainable, beautiful, and innovative can be felt throughout every hall of KBIS.”

“We experienced strong registration growth compared to previous years and we are up 40 percent in
seeing new exhibitors for 2024,” said Jason McGraw, Group Vice President, Emerald Expositions.
“This year, we had more than 260 new exhibitors at KBIS, a 40 percent increase compared to last year, and
over 117,000 registered visitors showed up to Design & Construction Week to see the best the industry
has to offer.”

Exhibitors felt the show’s growth through steady booth visitors and energized crowds. “We have been
coming to KBIS for 40 years, and we’re really excited about the attendees this year,” said Jeff O’Sullivan,
Senior Marketing Strategist of Häfele America Co. “A lot of energy around the space and the volume
of people coming out and the excitement around the show is really perhaps at a peak.”

Added Bill Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, E-commerce, and Retail Business for TOTO.
“KBIS 2024 has been very exciting. The activity and level of engagement that we had from so many
people provided a great opportunity. We’re very happy to be at KBIS and continue to support the NKBA.”

Attendees didn’t just turn out in numbers, but in quality. Karen Olle, Director of Marketing for SMEG
commented, “Everybody’s very engaged and interested. A big takeaway from this year’s show has been
the quality of the attendees.”

Next year, KBIS and DCW will be held February 2527, 2025 in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention

Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association

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