Jamaica Collaborates with International Code Council to Develop 10 Building Codes

The International Code Council collaborated with the Bureau of Standards of Jamaica to produce 10 customized building codes for Jamaica based on the existing 2018 International Codes® (I-Codes). The Jamaica Fire and Building Codes are scheduled for publication and release in early 2024, and the remaining codes are to follow throughout 2025.

The Code Council and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica previously agreed to the utilization of several 2018 I-Codes, amended to address the unique needs of the nation. The 10 Jamaica codes were created based on the International Building Code®, International Fire Code®, International Residential Code®, International Plumbing Code®, International Mechanical Code®, International Fuel Gas Code®, International Existing Building Code®, International Property Maintenance Code®, International Private Sewage Disposal Code®, and CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code®.

The Code Council is also partnering with University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) to provide extensive training on these new codes, including four-day train-the-trainer events. The Code Council’s relationship with UTech has been ongoing since 2008.

“These new codes and accompanying training will support the health and safety of Jamaica’s residents in the built environment, both residential and commercial,” Code Council Executive Vice President of Content and Services Mark Johnson said. “We look forward to continuing these ongoing efforts with both the Bureau of Standards Jamaica and UTech, as the Code Council’s work with CROSQ member countries, including Jamaica, is leading to greater usage of ICC-based codes in the region and greater harmonization.”

The first training sessions began in early November and will proceed through February 2024, including extensive, four-day sessions on the Jamaica Building Code, Fire Code, and Residential Code. Shorter one-day introductory sessions will address eight additional codes including mechanical, energy, electric, and existing buildings.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with the Code Council to deliver the Train the Trainers Program for the Building Code in Jamaica,” Dr. Carol Archer of UTech said. “We look forward to continued success as UTech and the Code Council work together to assist Jamaica in building resilience through training and the implementation of our building codes.”

Source: International Code Council

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