INTO DUST Premiers on Real Stories to Increase Awareness of the Global Water Crisis

INTO DUST is now available on Little Dot Studios’ Real Stories, which can be found on YouTube, Amazon, Samsung, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many other digital platforms. Since being launched in August 2021, INTO DUST has been screened at 100 events across 25 countries. This scripted film is based on a true and important story that brings attention to the value of water by celebrating those who work relentlessly to secure the necessary solutions. The docudrama, directed by Academy Award-winning film director, Orlando von Einsiedel, tells the extraordinary story of Perween Rahman, a woman who sacrificed everything to provide Karachi’s poorest communities with clean, safe water.

Commenting on the Real Stories launch, Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive Director, Grundfos Foundation, said “As the world faces growing water challenges, it is important for us to highlight this crisis. Sustainable solutions that can help alleviate the water crisis do exist—if we work together, we can make a positive difference around the world. We need to raise awareness as widely as possible and act quickly.”

Paul Woolf, Executive Editor, Real Stories, said “INTO DUST shines light on a critically important story for the 21st century and is made by one of the world’s greatest filmmakers. We’re honored to be partnering with Orlando, Grain Media, and The Grundfos Foundation to share Perween Rahman’s enduring mission with Real Stories’ wide, global audience. Just as it is Orlando’s first scripted film, it is also the first time Real Stories has published an entirely scripted piece on our YouTube channel. Since 2015, we have been the home of great documentaries on YouTube and social media, and we’re thrilled to widen our scope with such a powerful and brilliant project.”

Orlando von Einsiedel, Director of INTO DUST, said: “The bigger backdrop to INTO DUST is the growing crisis of the world running out of fresh water. Today, water-induced migration, disappearing lakes, urban water system collapse, water-related terrorism, job loss, droughts, coastal inundation, and trans-boundary water gamesmanship are common events. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of my career sharing the stories of people who put themselves at the service of an idea, or an ideal, bigger than themselves. Perween and her sister Aquila’s dedication epitomises this.”

“A partnership with Aquila, who serves as an executive producer, propelled the project forward, and the Danish-based Grundfos Foundation generously supported this film about Perween and Aquila’s extraordinary work. It’s been a true privilege to have been entrusted to be part of the team sharing Perween and Aquila’s story. I hope it resonates with other people as much as it did with me” adds Orlando von Einsiedel.

Source: Grundfos

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