International Code Council Announces the World Water Campaign

The International Code Council is launching its inaugural World Water Awareness campaign to raise awareness of the collective responsibility to address the global water crisis through long-term, consistent water conservation efforts. Continuing throughout March, this campaign shows how the public can help address the issue of billions of people not having reliable access to safely managed drinking water and adequate sanitation services.

The World Water Awareness campaign features a dedicated webpage, research and information, key resources and educational events that both Code Council members and the general public can take advantage of. People can help with this campaign by sharing on social media, educating themselves and decision makers in their communities, signing a support letter, and attending the Code Council’s World Water events.

The Code Council is hosting both in-person and virtual educational events discussing water conservation-related topics, including how codes and standards can serve as a valuable policy tool to conserve water. “Standards Save: A Water Conservation Summit” is an in-person event on Thursday, March 21, in Washington, D.C. At the event, Dr. Esber Andiroglu from the University of Miami will be sharing findings from the university’s study detailing the critical need for the rapid adoption of modern, updated water conservation standards. Information on all World Water Awareness events can be found here.

“Water is an essential human need, and the global water crisis is only predicted to worsen in the near future,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “Our World Water Campaign will not only bring awareness to this issue, but also provide resources on how people can get involved and help. This campaign shows how people can make a difference at both the individual and governmental levels.”

Throughout the month, the Code Council is encouraging experts and organizations to collaborate with government officials and business leaders to take immediate action to implement sustainable solutions. Join this effort by signing a letter to policymakers highlighting the importance of water conservation resources. Learn more here.

New research and information are available for municipalities, policy makers and the public here. This information can aid in the rapid implementation of codes and standards and help guide decision-makers in managing limited resources.

Visit to learn more.

Source: International Code Council

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