IBC® SFT Superflow Tankless Water Heater Earns Good Design® Award

SFT Superflow Tankless Water HeaterIBC®, an innovator of hydronic heating solutions, has received the Good Design® Award for its SFT Superflow Tankless Water Heater from the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design. Established in 1950, the award honors manufacturers that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace. IBC is part of the Rheem family of brands.

With its new, innovative wireless cascade feature, up to eight IBC SFT Superflow Tankless Water Heaters can operate together to satisfy the hot water demands found in many large homes, apartments, and restaurants.

The industry’s first wireless cascade function saves installation time and creates a robust and reliable hot water heating system by eliminating the typical cascade system wiring. The IBC SFT Superflow cascade system maximizes efficiency by enabling only the necessary units required to meet the current domestic hot water needs, eliminating typical water heater standby losses.

“IBC is at the forefront of boiler and water heater manufacturing from both a functional and design standpoint,” said Doug Dodds, Director of Sales, Residential Independent Wholesale, Rheem. “This recognition is a testament to our commitment to finding new ways to utilize and conserve the world’s energy resources.”

The SFT Superflow features a proprietary 2-in-1 heat exchanger without the need of a bypass valve or plate type heat exchanger. Rigorous testing has proven that the Superflow has the best domestic hot water performance in hard water areas with the least amount of limescale buildup.

Source: Rheem

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