How Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Is Disrupting the Trench Drain Industry

In response to existing industry material deficiencies around HDPE, polypropylene, and polymer concrete, MIFAB has recently launched its new innovative Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) channels that offer more stability than traditional plastic channels.

GRP is a composite material manufactured using glass-fiber reinforced polyester pressed from sheet molding compound (SMC). It is a composite of polyester resin, glass fiber mats, and mineral fillers. The finished product offers high strength, excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and a similar dimensional expansion and contraction property to Portland cement concrete. This last characteristic is critical to successful installations. GRP channels can sustain temperatures up to 212°F, which is more than polypropylene. Not only is it resistant to high temperatures, GRP is also resistant to most chemicals and acids, making it an extremely reliable and versatile product in even the toughest conditions.

MIFAB’s innovative GRP channels are available in full-meter or half-meter lengths. Internal widths are available in 4-, 8-, and 12-inch channels with and without slope. MIFAB offer channels without edge rails (up to Load Class C) as well as galvanized steel and stainless steel edge rails (up to Load Class E). Each channel has been designed and optimized for our universal Clipfix grate fixing mechanism with longitudinal shift protection. The systems can be completed with a wide variety of grates available in plastic, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and ductile iron. All grates are interchangeable across all channel materials MIFAB offers. Because of its material, MIFAB’s channels weigh 75 percent less than polymer concrete, allowing ease of installation.

The innovative Clipfix grating systems offer an aesthetically pleasing solution when installed—no locking device or screws are visible and can be removed with a single hand movement. Grates are industry standard rated to EN1433 and available in load class A through E to provide a solution for all applications. MIFAB’s inclusive trench drain offering has several options for ADA-compliant and heel-proof grates available in different styles and materials. With the ability to stack more GRP channels, up to 85 pieces per pallet, there is a significant freight advantage and reduced breakage.

Source: MIFAB Inc.

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