Grundfos Revolutionizes Wastewater Management with Metasphere Smart Water Sensors

Grundfos MetasphereGrundfos, a global leader in water technology and services, has announced the availability of the Metasphere smart sensors for water networks. Adding Metasphere’s smart water sensors to the Grundfos product portfolio fortifies water networks, preventing spills and overflows from the wastewater collection network, which have cost municipalities $194 billion annually. Metasphere smart water sensors are used worldwide to prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in wastewater collection and storm sewer systems, including municipalities, real estate developers, and homeowner associations (HOAs).

“At Grundfos, we’re proud that Metasphere is part of our family of products and solutions for our wastewater networks. Their product, along with our pumps, gives us much more data, visibility, and predictions into the wastewater networks,” said Steve Davis, Chief Technology Officer of the Water Utility Division at Grundfos. “Our goal is to prevent all spills or overflows from the wastewater network, which can create a public safety issue. With Metasphere technology, we can enable citizens and communities to feel confident that their local utility is doing everything possible to prevent those issues.”

Featuring advanced technology and an innovative design, Metasphere sensors provide critical data for advanced hydraulic modeling, aiming to eradicate sewer system failures, a concern that grows increasingly urgent amidst the escalating challenges of climate change and extreme weather events. The benefits of the Metasphere smart water sensor include:

  • Compact and Efficient Installation: Metasphere sensors are small, palm-sized devices that can be installed quickly in manholes using just two to three bolts, significantly reducing installation time and space requirements compared to traditional water sensors.
  • Advanced Technology for Precision: Utilizes LIDAR technology for accurate water level detection in sewer lines, allowing for precise measurements without the need for a tethered cable extending into the manhole.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard with In-Depth Insights: Offers a user-friendly dashboard accessible via mobile or desktop, providing real-time and historical data, system health overview, alarm causes, water level trends, and individual site details for complete system management.
  • Enhanced Communication Capabilities: Features a small antenna that communicates water levels through the manhole cover, avoiding the need for external antennas and drilling through manhole walls.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring: Allows for the setting of custom water level thresholds with alerts sent via email, text, or phone call to prevent sewer system overflows (SSOs) and improve response times.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Powered by the latest network technology and equipped with a five-year battery for continuous operation and monitoring.

Metasphere smart water sensors are available now from Grundfos worldwide. Watch this video and visit the website for more information on Grundfos’ new water sensors and their application. For information on buying Grundfos products, visit

Source: Grundfos

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