GF Piping Systems Launches SeaDrain White Piping System

The patented SeaDrain® White marine drainage pipe system for black and gray water drainage is lighter in weight, lighter on maintenance requirements, lighter on installation time and labor, and lighter in lifetime system costs than competing metal systems.

Made of polypropylene plastic, SeaDrain® White takes less to manufacture, making it an eco-friendly alternative to metals, and it is suitable for cruise ships, passenger ferries, and luxury yacht installations, in both new-build and retrofit construction. As a plastic piping system, SeaDrain® White offers numerous advantages over traditional metal systems and will provide a long, maintenance-free life.

SeaDrain® White also reduces the risk of bacterial contamination of the ship, with factory tests over 100 psi (6 bar) conducted. The ultra-smooth inner surface of SeaDrain® White means encrustation is a thing of the past, and reduced downtime is a thing of the future. The unique push-fit and lock mechanism of the SeaDrain Fast-Lock® joining system makes installation up to 5x faster than alternative metal solutions.

“SeaDrain® White is the first purpose-built thermoplastic piping system specifically engineered for marine drainage applications,” said Mike Beutler, GF’s Innovation Lead – Customer Solutions.”With applications from service lockers, open decks, balconies, class A0, and class A60 fire-protected decks, to customer-facing areas, you can see the difference plastic makes over time versus metal.”

Its bright white external coloring includes additives for UV resistance against discoloration, negating the need for external paint. This not only achieves pleasing aesthetics, but saves material cost and can reduce work by over 800 hours per year across an installation of up to 24,000 feet of balcony and upper lido deck piping.

Made entirely from a non-corroding thermoplastic, SeaDrain® White is engineered for a minimum of 25 years service life compared to 5 to 10 years for metal alternatives.

With a single tool, SeaDrain Fast-Lock® is quick and easy to install for line sizes 4 inches (DN100) and below. Automated electrofusion is available in all sized 1½ inches (DN40) to 6 inches (DN150). With multiple joining options, SeaDrain® White makes it easy to transition between food preparation (USPH) and general use application spaces.

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Source: GF Piping Systems

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