GF Piping Systems Introduces the Butterfly Valve 565 Lug-Style

Butterfly Valve 565With the addition of the new valve, the Swiss flow solutions provider has completed its portfolio of the lightweight and corrosion-free Butterfly Valve 565. Its lug-style design allows for additional use cases in water applications in industries such as water treatment, marine, and cooling applications.

The Wafer-Style Butterfly Valve 565 was first introduced in 2021 and was developed as an alternative to metal valves. Due to its lightweight plastic design, identical installation lengths, as well as high pressure and temperature resistance, the 565 is more cost-effective and longer lasting. In order to offer the full product range, GF Piping Systems has now introduced the Butterfly Valve 565 Lug-Style.

The 565 Lug-Style can be used as an end valve that enables piping systems to be disassembled one-sided. This facilitates the maintenance and operation of filters, tanks, and other installations. As standard, the 565 Lug-Style features plug-in inserts that can be configured to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of applications. The removable inserts have been designed to increase flexibility and customization during operation and improve material separation at the end of the valve’s service life. The 565 Lug-Style also features a patented housing with open sides, which reduces the material usage and offers easier access to the threaded plug-in inserts.

The new valve also adopts the same general specifications as the rest of the lineup. It is made from plastics that protect it against corrosion and abrasion while reducing the overall weight compared to metal. In addition, it features a Data-Matrix-Code for traceability and an optional LED position feedback sensor. The 565 Lug-Style comes with many marine and water approvals, including NSF, DNV, Lloyds Register, and KTW-BWGL. Furthermore, it is the first industrial valve with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Depending on the application, the 565 range can be configured to meet different requirements. The 565 can be operated manually with a lockable hand lever or a hand wheel, but it also features a digital interface as standard for plug-and-play process automation. Optional equipment includes pneumatic, electric, or smart actuators and positioners, as well as compatibility with inductive double sensors and a switching ring for precise feedback on position and performance. As a result, the 565 is designed to be seamlessly integrated into automation loops, which can be controlled and monitored remotely.

Sandra Schiller-Mauz, Head of Sub-BU Process Automation at GF Piping Systems, is proud of the product launch: “With the Butterfly Valve 565 Wafer-Style, we already set out to create a butterfly valve that beats metal alternatives by being lightweight, highly reliable, and cost-effective. Adding to this success with the launch of type 565 Lug-Style, we have completed our offering. Now, there is a solution for all the demanding requirements of our valued customer base. Thanks to our R&D teams with a strong focus on innovation and dedication to sustainability, the 565 Lug-Style is built for the future.”

Source: GF Piping Systems

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