GF Piping Systems Adds Six-Channel Transmitter to Its Process Automation Portfolio

GF Piping Systems has added a six-channel option to its line of 9950 Transmitters with enhanced functionality and intuitive design. The 9950-10/11 provides sophisticated features to support a variety of functions for complete flexibility. The transmitter is easy to set up, and you can quickly adjust parameters and save time with its automatic sensor recognition.

The modular design is fully configurable to fit any system’s needs. Additional features such as derived functions and Boolean logic provide expanded control options that may reduce the need for PLC’s on small skids and systems. The intuitive menu design makes the transmitter easy to operate, and relay activations are clearly signaled by the user selectable red backlight display. Additional versatility is provided with its capability for multi parameters through support of the complete line of GF flow and analytical sensors. The 9950 features up to six 4-20mA outputs, Modbus connectivity, and input and outputs that are 100 percent customizable. The line also offers a choice of sensor combinationssix (S3L) sensors, five (S3L) and one frequency, or four (S3L) and two frequencies.

With these extensive capabilities, GF Piping Systems is able to offer its customers the convenience and efficiency of working with a single partner and single platform for all their process automation needs. The 9950 is suitable for a wide variety of applications including water/wastewater treatment systems, reverse osmosis, deionization, media filtration, chemical manufacturing/addition, air/fume scrubbers, cooling towers, metal and plastic finishing, aquaculture/aquarium, and pool and spa. GF Piping Systems’ extensive experience allows it to support its customers every step of the way through the design, selection, and installation of process automation systems.

Sandra Schiller, Head of Sub-BU Process Automation and Global Product Management BU Industry for GF Piping Systems, noted with pride that the six-channel 9950 Transmitter will provide GF customers with a powerful new option for closing the process automation loop. “With its compact size and advanced capabilities, this six-channel addition to the 9950 family will give system designers the flexibility they need to control more sensors with fewer devices. We are excited any time that we are able to solve problems for our partners or to make their experience of using our process automation offerings even more seamless and satisfying.”

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Source: GF Piping Systems

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