Double Up Protection with DIRTMAG® PRO

First to the market with high-performance magnetic separation, Caleffi North America introduces the DIRTMAG® PRO used in residential and commercial hydronic systems. The patented technology includes unique dual magnetic fields, increasing ferrous oxide impurity removal efficiency by 40 percent. A particle separation mesh also captures non-ferrous dirt such as such as copper shavings, pipe tape, and solder balls that can wreak havoc on sensitive system components. All of these impurities are easily and quickly purged from the system using a simple blowdown valve while servicing expediently as no disassembly or scraping magnetite from wetted magnets is required.

The 5463 Series DIRTMAG PRO is available in pipe sizes from 1 inch to 2 inches with sweat, NPT female, and press connection options. It keeps the hydronic fluid clean so boilers, heat pumps, and circulators remain performing at high efficiency and are protected from damage caused by poor fluid quality due to debris. Caleffi guaranteed.

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Source: Caleffi

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