CSA Withdraws Certification for Chemical Dispensing Systems

Effective June 30, 2020, CSA Group will no longer offer certification services using Technical Information Letter (T.I.L.) No. MSE-57. This supersedes a previous Notice (Plumbing Products No. 304A, Ref N18-129) regarding this issue, and affects manufacturers of chemical dispensing systems that are certified under this T.I.L. Manufacturers must ensure that the CSA Mark is removed from products manufactured after the effective date of June 30, 2020.

Technical Information Letter (T.I.L.) No. MSE-57 was published on June 19th, 2009, but the T.I.L. has not been incorporated into a standard within five years. As a result, CSA Group is withdrawing T.I.L. MSE-57 and will no longer offer certification services using this document. Subsequent to the effective date of this Notice, all affected listings will be archived. To provide sufficient time for currently listed products to be updated to other applicable standards, CSA Group has extended the effective date of this Notice from December 31, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

For technical questions on this Certification Notice, contact Duncan Liang at 416-747-4200, x44200 or [email protected].

Source: CSA Group

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