CSA Group Provides Testing and Certification Services for Grease Interceptors and GRDs

CSA Group logoCertified grease interceptors (GIs) and grease removal devices (GRDs) are a necessary investment for any establishment that cooks, heats, processes, or prepares food onsite. Not only do such establishments need trustworthy, high-efficiency devices to avoid private drain line blockages, backups, and foul odors, but as many North American municipalities strive to curb sanitary sewer overflow issues, reliable GIs and GRDs also are essential to avoiding costly enforcement and clean up action.

CSA Group’s authorized testing lab in Cleveland is constantly evolving. This CSA Center of Excellence is well equipped with cutting-edge equipment to allow efficient project initiation and lead times. Their testing capacity and lab flexibility allow for the testing of grease interceptors ranging in size from 4 to 200 gallons per minute (gpm) and grease removal devices ranging in size from 4 to 200 gpm.

As a trusted certification body in the U.S. and Canada, CSA Group offers one-stop support for GI and GRD manufacturers. Their experienced testing professionals are well versed in all of the standards referenced in the North American plumbing codes and well positioned to help you navigate a changing landscape.

CSA Group tests and certifies to a wide range of standards, regulations, and directives referenced in the UPC, IPC, National Plumbing Code of Canada, and by the Plumbing and Drainage Institute. These include ASME A112.14.3, ASME A112.14.4, CSA B481, PDI G101, and PDI G102.

Learn more about CSA Group’s plumbing testing and certification services at csagroup.org/plumbing. Reach out to Connor McCoy at [email protected] to discuss your upcoming project requirements.

Source: CSA Group

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