CSA Group Provides Services that Align with Plumbing Safety and Performance Standards

Plumbing standards are constantly evolving with changing requirements for the safety, quality, and performance of plumbing equipment in commercial and residential buildings. To validate that your products meet the applicable standards and regulatory codes, CSA Group can perform the necessary evaluation activities to provide third-party verification.

Plumbing equipment includes:

  • Fittings and fixtures (e.g., faucets, valves, showers, lavatories, sinks, water closets, bathtubs, pumps, holding tanks, etc.)
  • Grease interceptors (e.g., approved grease interceptors or grease removal devices qualifying for installation in a restaurant kitchen or commercial location)
  • Pipes and pipe fittings (e.g. plastic and non-plastic pipes, manifolds, pipe fittings)
  • Water treatment systems and components (e.g., plumbing products containing a filter, water softener, reverse osmosis unit, or ultraviolet disinfectant [UV] unit, plumbing products intended for drinking water supply)

CSA Group provides full-service testing, inspection, and certification services capable of assessing entire plumbing systems from underground water pipes to functioning faucets.

CSA Group services to support your plumbing product evaluation projects include:

  • Product testing and certification
  • Consumer product evaluation
  • EPA WaterSense third-party certification
  • Evaluation of connected products (IoT)
  • NRCan Energy-Efficiency Regulations, Part 2, Division 13: Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
  • Environmental simulation testing
  • Technical information service
  • Global market access
  • Cybersecurity

Learn more about CSA Group’s plumbing testing and certification services at csagroup.org/plumbing. Reach out to Connor McCoy at [email protected] to discuss your upcoming project requirements.

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