CSA Group Introduces New Team Aimed at Addressing Canada’s Pressing Policy Issues

CSA GroupFor more than 100 years, CSA Group has been focused on what matters to Canadians—safety, health, and sustainability. To continue this important work and to support policy and government leaders looking for policy analysis on current and emerging issues, CSA Group has launched the CSA Public Policy Centre.

The CSA Public Policy Centre will expand CSA Group’s work to explore policy areas that require the kind of long-term and evidence-based perspective for which the organization is known. The Centre’s team will bring a nonpartisan, collaborative, and data-driven approach to addressing some of the pressing policy issues Canadians are facing today and in the future. The Centre’s work will focus on four priority areas: inclusive economic growth, environmental sustainability, public sector innovation, and the well-being of Canadians.

“Sometimes the spark of an idea leads to great change, and our aim is to create that spark,” said Sunil Johal, Vice President, Public Policy at CSA Group. “With a team that has extensive policy experience working inside and outside of government, our new Public Policy Centre will offer thoughtful policy perspectives and analysis on complex issues that will help contribute to positive change across Canada.”

The Centre’s first report, “Navigating Complexity,” provides an overview of the Canadian public policy landscape and an analysis of 10 drivers of change that are creating a more complex and uncertain decision-making environment in Canada. The report suggests approaches and tools for a more open, data-driven, and dynamic policy-making process.

Beginning this fall, the Centre will publish a series of concise policy briefs exploring a range of topics including the circular economy, electric vehicle infrastructure, housing affordability, digital technologies, and remote work.

“We are a collaborative, nonpartisan team of experts that will tackle some of the most pressing policy issues facing Canadians,” Johal added. “The recommendations coming out of CSA Group’s Public Policy Centre will help support all levels of government develop lasting policy solutions.”

Visit CSA Group’s website to download “Navigating Complexity” and to learn more about the new Public Policy Centre.

Source: CSA Group

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