Copper Development Association Releases Updated Copper in Architecture Design Handbook

A newly updated edition of the Copper in Architecture Design Handbook is now available as a free download from the Copper Development Association (CDA). The updated Handbook is a comprehensive resource about copper’s properties, existing technology, and application to the design and construction field. The two new sections cover various design and installation details related to wall cladding applications.

“Copper is experiencing exceptional growth as wall cladding material,” said Larry Peters, Project Manager and Architectural Application Specialist at CDA. “The new sections of the Copper in Architecture Design Handbook provide architects, contractors, and engineers with the technical information and CAD details needed to include proven copper wall systems and related flashing in their project plans or shop drawings.”

The updated Handbook includes a compilation of designs, detail, and specifications in its 18 sections, all available for review or download at

Source: Copper Development Association

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