Changes to Rainwater Catchment Standard Are Available for Public Review

For the past year, ASPE Working Group 63 has been revising ARCSA/ASPE 63: Rainwater Catchment Systems, published by ASPE and the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA). The document has gone through several rounds of revisions, and the most recent changes are now available for review at Comments are due no later than April 26, 2020.

ARCSA/ASPE 63 is designed to assist engineers, designers, plumbers, builders/developers, local government officials, and end users in safely implementing a rainwater catchment system using precipitation from rooftops and other hard, impervious surfaces. The collected rainwater can be subsequently used for irrigation, laundry, hygiene, or even potable water applications if the appropriate treatment and materials have been certified for the specific end use.

Originally published in 2007 and revised in 2013, ARCSA/ASPE 63 has gone through an extensive revision and public review process using ASPE’s ANSI-accredited standards development procedures. A team of sustainable water system design experts, headed by E.W. Bob Boulware, PE, MBA, ARCSA AP, is vetting comments and proposed revisions to ensure that the standard meets current industry and government regulations regarding reclaimed water use.

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