Case Study: How Time-Saving Products Can Help Protect Your Profit Margin and Reputation

When specifying plumbing products, it’s critical to keep efficiency in mind—especially now, as the industry faces challenges in the global supply chain, inflation rates, product availability, and the labor shortage impacting nearly every job. While you can’t control the macro-environment, one key area you can focus on is solutions that decrease labor costs while keeping jobs on schedule.

Staying current on timesaving plumbing technology can help prevent delays on the jobsite and keep you from having to spend time reviewing requests for information or product substitution requests submitted by contractors. Below are two plumbing products for you to include in your specifications that help contractors save time and money.

Saving Time with Push-to-Connect Systems

When designing a building’s plumbing system using PEX, many products and connection methods are available. As engineers and contractors know, many of these methods typically take longer to install and require specialized tools and training. Push-to-connect systems do not require specialized tools or training and install in a significantly shorter time—and time is money.

Consider incorporating a less labor-intensive push-to-connect system, such as SharkBite’s EvoPEX, which requires no tools to connect and features a green indicator that appears when the PEX pipe is inserted properly, limiting guesswork during installation. These benefits cut back on installation time, which ultimately cuts back on cost, and by using a single system through one manufacturer, such as the EvoPEX system, companies can earn a 25-year warranty, which provides value to your customer long after the building is complete.

Increasing Efficiency with In-Slab Tubing Supports

As plumbing systems are designed, efficiencies may be made by installing PEX pipe directly in the floor structure in buildings constructed with concrete. The time needed for labor could be decreased significantly versus having to route overhead piping above ceilings. When PEX is installed in the concrete structure or passes through the floor structure without proper support or protection, the PEX pipe can be damaged by equipment such as concrete trowel machines, or the pipe may be buried under the concrete pour. The time to repair damaged PEX in these situations can potentially cause construction delays.

To avoid unwanted delays and costs, specify in-slab tubing support, such as HoldRite’s 703 In-Slab Stub-Up Support. With in-slab support in place, PEX pipe stays recessed in the concrete while pouring around the support, allowing the plumbing contractor easy access to the tubing afterward. The stub-up support can help offset the additional cost of cutting into the concrete, repairing the tubing and refinishing the slab.

As you begin your next job, it’s beneficial to take a closer look at the products or systems being proposed. You’ll benefit from the time-saving attributes of the right product systems. As we continue to navigate a world that is experiencing supply issues and inflated price hikes, the extra time spent on the upfront may end up benefiting you and your customer in the long run.

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About the Author

Jim LeStage is the Specification Sales Manager at RWC—a market leader and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not the American Society of Plumbing Engineers.

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