Careers in Construction Month Ramps Up with Commitment from Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), a market leader and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for residential and commercial applications, is contributing to Careers in Construction Month with a campaign to raise awareness for trade careers through its SharkBite and HoldRite brands. The company honors its heritage through unparalleled dedication to professional development, job production, and product innovation for today’s contractors. By remaining committed to its promise to curate a more efficient and effective contractor experience, RWC has successfully elevated its product portfolio while also expanding reach across the globe.

So, as the company celebrates Careers in Construction Month, as part of its ongoing efforts, it makes a new pledge: This Careers in Construction Month, RWC will honor trade careers by shining a light on the plethora of opportunities for professional development in plumbing to ensure the industry has a thriving future.

RWC has created an engaging online experience with plumbing and mechanical contracting career resources for those interested in the trades. The resource page also features an inspiring video showing the creativity and problem solving necessary to be successful in the trades. Experience the company’s pledge to help attract new talent to the plumbing industry with its Jumpstart a Plumbing Career video and learn more at

With 2,000 employees and its extended contractor network, RWC has the reach to create change for and within the industry. As a champion of the trades for more than 70 years, RWC, through its SharkBite and HoldRite brands, will continue its advocacy during Careers in Construction Month by building interest and camaraderie for those currently serving as plumbers and contractors—and those who dream of doing the same through a career that is rewarding and allows them to solve problems with their minds and hands.

Source: Reliance Worldwide Corporation

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