Caleffi North America Offers Enhanced BIM and Guide Spec Functionality

Caleffi North America, a leader in the manufacture of innovative plumbing and hydronic components, has enhanced its Building Information Modeling (BIM) content and Guide Specifications for designers and spec writers.

Autodesk Revit® files can be found at, a dedicated portal for easy access. The objects are “thin,” natively modeled in Revit, and Caleffi certified with real-time technical product data for proper BIM interoperability. Using Caleffi’s exclusive BIM “Schemes,” system components can be conveniently analyzed and inspected to verify product parametric data such as flow rates and directions.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Sections 232116: Hydronic Piping Specialties and 221119: Domestic Water Piping Specialties are provided through Deltek Specpoint to automate the “construction” of Guide Specs. Spec writers can easily export the MasterSpec® product information into Microsoft Word or work within Specpoint’s cloud-based technology for generating fresh, digital content. Look for the MasterSpec button on any of Caleffi’s product pages.

Stated Woody Dickinson, Specifier Marketing Manager, “Caleffi offers the highest quality tools with an easily accessible library of more than 80 Revit family files. With our unique Revit Project Schemes, the designer has what is necessary to analyze a hydronic or a plumbing system on a digital drawing board. The schemes are really slick!”

Source: Caleffi

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