Caleffi Adds to Their Fleet of Premium Balancing Products

Caleffi North America Inc. is proud to introduce the 149 Series FLOWMATIC Express, pre-assembled terminal unit coil kit, which contains a 145 Series FLOWMATIC pressure independent control valve (PICV). These valves combine an automatic differential pressure regulator and a control valve. With a signal input, the FLOWMATIC automatically adjusts the flow rate and keeps it constant under changing circuit differential pressure conditions.

The FLOWMATIC Express is a compact, multifunction device, simplifying a complex task to four pipe connections. Assembled from individual components, 20 field connections are required to accomplish the same functions. The kit provides flow control, balancing, bypass, filtering, isolation, and flushing functionality. Optional on/off or modulating actuators add automatic control for connection to a local controller or BAS.

The FLOWMATIC valves are designed for hydronic systems and are supplied with pressure test ports for measuring operating conditions. The valve is available in ½-, ¾-, and 1-inch valve body sizes with sweat, press, and FNPT union tailpieces.

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Source: Caleffi

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