Bradford White Expands Support of Skilled Trade Opportunities with Industry Forward™

Bradford White Corp., an industry-leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers, and storage tanks, announces the launch of Industry Forward™, a charitable giving initiative that will provide funding for strategic industry workforce development training programs and increase public awareness of the importance and value of the plumbing and HVAC industry and the many career opportunities that it offers.

“Industry Forward™ is a critical investment in the awareness, education, and training our industry needs to address the chronic workforce gap we’re facing,” said Carl Pinto, Jr., Senior Director of Marketing Communications for Bradford White. “The traditional skilled trades in the plumbing and HVAC industry offer a range of career opportunities, but many people overlook these paths because of the mistaken perception that manufacturing and residential and commercial service jobs aren’t viable long-term options. As the country continues to face hiring shortages and teens and adults alike seek opportunities to find rewarding work that aligns with their interests and ambitions, Industry Forward™ provides a pathway by supporting trade schools and other organizations that are promoting plumbing and HVAC industry career options.”

Specific goals of the Industry Forward™ program include:

  • Increasing awareness of, and interest in, plumbing and HVAC industry career opportunities and the critical role they play in health, safety, sanitation, comfort, and infrastructure
  • Creating public awareness of the value in and need for more technical training
  • Creating more advocate voices for policies that benefit trade skills training and the wide array of degree and non-degree career options in the plumbing and HVAC industry

Industry Forward™ grant funding will be available to organizations that offer programs that align with and support that mission, including:

  • Education for plumbing and HVAC industry-related jobs such as skilled trades, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Programmatic events that advance industry goals
  • Workforce development programs that support veteran training and create a pipeline into plumbing and HVAC industry jobs and careers
  • High schools and technical schools that require educational tools and materials to help advance onsite training for industry-related careers
  • Social service and youth development organizations that have programs or events that support the mission

Industry Forward™ will also establish strategic partnerships that support individuals and families in underserved and underrepresented communities to improve access to job skill training and career opportunities. Under the program, grants will be awarded to eligible organizations that work to strengthen our communities, with a focus on organizations that strategically align with our funding priorities, including industry value awareness, workforce development training and education, and industry career opportunities.

To learn more about funding guidelines and complete a preliminary request form for Industry Forward™ visit

Source: Bradford White Corp.

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