AWE Releases Cooling Tower Estimating Model and Guide

The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) has released its highly-anticipated Cooling Tower Estimating Model (CTEM) and the accompanying guide titled, Taking Inventory: A Guide for Identifying Cooling Towers and Estimating Water Use. The AWE Cooling Tower Estimating Model (CTEM) is an Excel-based tool that provides an estimated range of the number of water-cooled facilities, number of cooling towers, total cooling capacity, water use, and water conservation potential for a utility service area based on a minimal amount of input data. CTEM can also be used to develop a cooling tower inventory, a critical first step in creating or refining a cooling tower water efficiency program.

Base features of CTEM can be used with the following data inputs:

  • Country (United States or Canada)
  • State or Province
  • County (for U.S. locations)
  • Service Population
  • Water Quality (measured in total dissolved solids [TDS] or conductivity)

Taking Inventory: A Guide for Identifying Cooling Towers and Estimating Water Use is a companion to CTEM, providing instruction on how to use the model, identify cooling towers, and initiate a cooling tower inventory.

The development of CTEM and this guide is a key step to increasing the effectiveness of incentive and outreach programs for the efficient use of cooling water.  With CTEM estimates, suppliers can begin to understand the conservation potential in cooling towers, develop marketing and conservation efforts, and record facility participation.

A webinar will be held with the project team on Thursday, April 8. Click here to register.

Member-Only Benefit

The Cooling Tower Estimating Model is available free of charge to AWE members, as a member-only benefit, but it is subject to agreement to the Cooling Tower Estimating Model Terms of Use. If not already, sign-in here to gain access to the Terms of Use form. Not a current member? Join now!

Source: Alliance for Water Efficiency

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