ASPE Seeks Professional Engineers to Assist in NCEES Exam Endeavor

ASPE’s Professional Engineer Working Group (PEWG) has been working to establish a plumbing option within the suite of PE Mechanical exams offered by NCEES. The PEWG has achieved its goal of obtaining state support of this effort, and now we need the help of Professional Engineers (PEs) to accomplish the mission, which will provide professional recognition of plumbing engineers in their own right.

NCEES seeks licensed PEs to provide input by participating in a professional activities and knowledge study, or PAKS. The results of the PAKS will help determine the knowledge and skills required of a licensed plumbing engineer and will be used to update the content of the PE exam.

The PAKS is being administered via an online survey that you can find here:

Important! To ensure that you evaluate the plumbing engineering discipline in the survey, please select “Plumbing” for the question “Which of the following areas do you consider to be the closest primary area of your mechanical engineering expertise?”

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