ASPE Member Is Named President of OmegaFlex

OmegaFlex recently announced organizational changes and appointed ASPE member Dean W. Rivest, PE, as President of the company, reporting directly to Mark F. Albino, who has retained the position of Chief Operating Officer. Dean joined ASPE in 2010 and is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter.

The move was made to implement best practices in the company’s organizational development and succession management. Kevin R. Hoben, Chairman and CEO of OmegaFlex, stated, “This segregation of duties at the highest executive level in the organization allows OmegaFlex to laser focus on the most critical short-term needs currently challenging our business while positioning the company for continued success in achieving its long-term goals.”

In other moves, Ed Moran was promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales, and Matt Unger was promoted to Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Both will report to Dean.

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