ASPE Congratulates the 38 Industry Professional Who Passed the 2022 CPDT Exam

We would like to congratulate the following plumbing industry professionals who passed the 2022 Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT) exam. They now can use the CPDT designation after their name to signify their excellence in plumbing system design to employers and their peers.

  • Juan Camilo Lasso Bedoya, CPDT, Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Luis A. Marin Betancurt, CPDT, Charlotte Chapter
  • John Luke Bigda, PE, CPDT, Northern California Chapter
  • Craig HL Chung, CPDT, Toronto Chapter
  • Liam Devin Collins, CPDT, Boston Chapter
  • Matthew Doidge, CPDT, Omaha Chapter
  • Drake Michael Domhoff, CPDT, Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Jevon Doolin, CPDT, Oklahoma Chapter
  • Christopher C. Forry, CPDT, Seattle Chapter
  • Jared Scott Freye, CPDT, Wisconsin Chapter
  • Kristopher Hammerberg, CPDT, Western Michigan Chapter
  • Alexander Davenport Hassell, CPDT, EIT, Alabama Chapter
  • Paul Joseph Heitert, CPDT, St. Louis Chapter
  • Erin Marie Hollingsworth, CPDT, EIT, Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
  • Brian Huff, CPDT, St. Louis Chapter
  • Christopher Allen Hunt, CPDT, Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Brandon Lee Hunter, CPDT, Seattle Chapter
  • Cristopher Douglas Isaaks, CPDT, San Diego Chapter
  • Alexander David Kerslake, CPDT, Western Michigan Chapter
  • Roderick Lacroix, CPDT, South Florida Chapter
  • Griffin Scott Lydahl, CPDT, Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
  • Josef Shane Marcum, CPDT, Boston Chapter
  • Matthew John O’Connor, CPDT, St. Louis Chapter
  • Diptee V. Pandharpurkar, CPDT, New Jersey Chapter
  • Jared Philip Partain, CPDT, San Diego Chapter
  • Bryan Patrick, CPDT, Denver Chapter
  • Jeffrey Lawrence Pitt, CPDT
  • Samuel Albert Purvis, CPDT, Nashville Chapter
  • Megan Sande Radtke, CPDT, Minnesota Chapter
  • Gustavo Adolfo Robles, CPDT
  • Nicolas Romero, CPDT, EIT, Cleveland Chapter
  • Mitchell Allen Spillman, CPDT, St. Louis Chapter
  • Connor John Teel, CPDT, Denver Chapter
  • Joshua Thunder, CPDT, Central Texas Chapter
  • Justin Scott Tungate, CPDT, San Francisco Chapter
  • Daniel Allen Ubernosky, CPDT, EIT, Houston Chapter
  • Jessica Urrea, CPDT, San Diego Chapter
  • Evan Pierce Waldrop, CPDT, Houston Chapter

ASPE developed the CPDT program to provide professional recognition of qualified individuals who design plumbing systems. For more information on the CPDT program and exam, visit

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