ASPE Committees A to Z: Bylaws Committee

by David D. Dexter, PE, FASPE, FNSPE, CPD, CPI, CPE, Master Plumber, Bylaws Committee Chair

Welcome to the next episode of “ASPE Committees A to Z.” In this issue, we will look at the Bylaws Committee.

The Bylaws Committee, in accordance with paragraph 10.12 of the ASPE Bylaws, shall consist of Full members representing each Region; the committee shall be responsible for review of the Bylaws of the Society and any proposed amendments for accuracy, completeness, and coordination with other sections of the Bylaws and proposed amendments. The committee submits a report to the Board with its recommendations.

In accordance with Article 1 of the P&O (Policy & Operations) Manual, 1.3 Bylaws: “The Society shall be governed by these Bylaws and any amendments thereto. Procedures not specifically mentioned herein shall be determined by resolution of the Society Board of Directors, provided such resolution does not conflict with these Bylaws.”

David D. Dexter, PE, is the current Chair of the Bylaws Committee. He serves along with seven Full members of the Society in accordance with the Bylaws requirements. The Bylaws Committee is appointed by the ASPE Board to serve for the period between the biennial Conventions and may be reappointed as appropriate. Should anyone wish to be appointed to the Bylaws Committee, fill out the committee application here.

As Chair of the Bylaws Committee, it is important to understand that all societies operate and are governed by the bylaws established by the laws under which they are incorporated and as agreed to by the membership. Hence, it is important to ensure that the Society operates as established by its Bylaws and, when necessary, modify said Bylaws to conform to how the Board and membership see the Society operating in accordance with the established laws of incorporation. Therefore, the committee benefits and advances ASPE by monitoring the Bylaws and the Board’s operation to ensure compliance with the Bylaws and make adjustments when they become necessary.

Now that the ASPE Tech Symposium has passed, the Bylaws Committee will be tasked with considering all changes proposed by the membership or the Board. This process is outlined in the P&O Manual, along with the timeline for submitting such proposed changes. Each of the Bylaws Committee members has a responsibility to review the proposals in accordance with section 10.12 of the Bylaws. During the review period, the committee members may discuss proposals with the proposer to seek clarification of their reasoning, seek further justification, or offer possible suggestions to the proposal. However, once the final proposal is officially submitted, it becomes the committee’s responsibility to accept the proposal as submitted or to reject it based on the reasoning of the committee. The committee has no authority to modify or change any official proposal. The Bylaws Committee, in accordance with the Bylaws, shall then submit a final report to the Board advising of its acceptance or rejection of all proposals.

The membership of ASPE should always want to take an active participation in the Society’s business and operations, as it is their organization. Only those who participate can influence and alter the Society’s governance and operations. ASPE is only what the membership contributes by active involvement and by being part of the growth of the Society by participating in its operations.

If you want to apply to become the newest member of the Bylaws Committee, please fill out the application.

David Dexter can be contacted at [email protected] or 937-609-5969.

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