ASPE Announces the 2021 Tech Symposium Education Program Lineup

ASPE’s 2021 Tech Symposium Education Program will consist of 40 technical sessions in five tracks, offering you the chance to earn up to 12 hours of continuing education credit for your credentials and licenses.
The tracks and session are as follows:
Codes & Standards/Water Quality
  • Responding to Crisis: Best Practices for Shutting Down & Reopening Buildings
  • 2021 International Plumbing Code Significant Changes
  • Understanding ASSE 1087
  • Extending the Water Demand Calculator to Commercial & Institutional Buildings
  • Decoding Plumbing Codes
  • Water Treatment Systems for Healthcare & Lab Facilities
  • CSST Gas Piping Systems Code Compliance & Sizing
  • Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Water – Issues & Answers
System Design
  • Hydronic Expansion Tanks for HVAC & Plumbing Applications
  • Design of Site Pressure Natural Gas Systems
  • Applying Roof Drain Flow Rates in System Design
  • Designing Booster Methods – ASPE Chapter 5 Method
  • Vacuum Plumbing for Safe, Sustainable & Future-Ready Plumbing Design
  • PP-RCT for Building Services Piping
  • Fuel Oil-Handling Systems for Generators & Boilers
  • Water Heating Design in the Modern World
Sustainability/Construction Discussion
  • Copper: A Key Element in Sustainable & Resilient Design
  • Water Treatment for Commercial Humidification
  • Prefabrication: Not Just for a Manufactured Assembly
  • New Design Concepts in Response to Crisis: Balancing Sustainability & Water Safety
  • Containerized Water Treatment & Plumbing Design
  • Oil Separators vs. Grease Interceptors Design & Sizing—Taking the Mystery Out
  • Applications for Smart Water Management in Commercial Buildings
  • Hot Water Distribution Temperature, Legionella Control & the Need for Enhanced Scald Protection
Specialty Design
  • Firestopping: Codes & Containment for Plumbing Engineers
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Designing DWV Systems with Cast Iron Soil Pipe
  • Non-Combustible Water System Design
  • Automatic Auxiliary Drains: New Innovations in Freeze Protection
  • Water Heating Venting Fundamentals
  • What’s Old Is New Again: The Environmental & Operational Benefits of R744 Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Cast Iron Coatings for Aggressive DWV Applications
Fire Protection, Life Safety & More
  • Backflow Prevention Assemblies in Fire Protection Systems
  • Self-Regulating Variable-Speed Fire Pump Units—Better, Simpler & More Cost-Effective
  • Fire Protection Special Hazards & Hazard Analysis
  • Tech Top 5—The Most-Asked Questions (and Answers) from Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Technical Services Staff
  • New Innovations in Med Gas Piping—Changes Found in NFPA 99
  • Becoming a Solution Provider
  • Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, & Carbon Dioxide Medical Gases
  • Leading Intentionally: A Young Professional’s Guide to Developing Their Personal Leadership Vision in Construction & Beyond
The 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium is a premier opportunity for plumbing engineers and designers at all career levels to engage in productive technical exchanges and networking. It will be held in San Diego on September 22–26, and registration is open at

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